Lady Style Academy



This program is created to give ambitious women a place to develop their skills.

The purpose of the LADY STYLE ACADEMY is to empower and motivate women through dance, mindfulness and coaching. To UNLEASH YOUR INNER VENUS, awaken your inner power, your bliss, your potential, your purpose.

When you feel energized, you feel alive. We will use dance movements as a tool to fuel and encourage you to increase your confidence and manifest your hearts desires. In this beautiful state, you will have the desire to go after your goals and dreams, then anything is possible!

Embrace your FEMININE energy with Lady Style, join the community of sisterhood.
A girl-squad who support and help each other grow.

It’s all about self-discovery/development.
– Conquer fear
– Work on you for you
– Believe in yourself
– Shine like a star

Let’s strengthen our muscles; physically, emotionally and on a spiritual level.
Live is about creating moments, why not create them while living your fullest potential.

Are you ready?
First, choose your level.

Level 1: Shining Star
Fundamentals & Essentials. This level is for ladies who would love to learn how to move on the Latin Rhythms of Salsa by connection to their bodies in a feminine, sensuality & confidence way. In this course, you will learn about balance and weight shifting, the basic step flow on2, how to make clean turns, coordinate arms, basic body-movement and footwork. Everything will be explained slowly until the students understand these techniques.

Level 2: Shooting Star
If You want to continue your journey to a higher level and work on your timing, on2 flow, styling, spinning, and body movement with the focus on self-improvement this course is for you. Funky shines arm styling and combinations of body movement. Weight shifting and and quality of movement are the main focus. This level is suitable for the dancer who is looking for a challenge and requires a minimum of 1-year experience with salsa on2.

Level 3: Rising Star
Let’s dive deeper into the different styles of the salsa family, shall we?
 Think about Chachacha, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Spins & Turns variation, Afro Cuban body movement, Latin jazz fusion, improvisation, mambo shines and quick footwork sequences! It’s time to burn the dance floor.
Let’s broaden our knowledge, work on ourselves to achieve a higher level of dance and expand your technique and skills to make that salsa fire burn!

Level 4: Super Star
JSX’s Girlpower / Choreography project

A 12 weeks programme where you will attend rehearsals of 2 hours a week together with other ambitious women. In this rehearsals, we will work on a spectacular Lady Style choreography. The goal is to become better as an individual and as a team. In this choreography, you won’t only learn new steps, but aslo learn to become aware of your body, dance technique, arm – styling, body movement, formation changes, and performance skills!

The best thing about such a project is that together you aim other ladies with a common goal towards self-development / improvement. Through repetition, you are training the body to learn something new and to make your own movements, so you gain more confidence in what you would like to master. Every week we also learn a new piece of choreography and we repeat the learned piece of the previous week. Lessons in a form of choreography are therefore very rewarding because you can quickly see ahead in your own abilities! This is Performance and technique training for all ladies who would love to be part of a team and perform!

Level 5: All-Star
JSX dance projects
THE NEXT LEVEL, This is a HIGH-level AVD +, acceptance through audition only.
Suitable for dancers who are looking for expansion in their dancing and performance skills.

Stay on the lookout!
The schedule will be announced soon…


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