Lady Style II



Hello beautiful Lady!

I hope you are doing well and that you are safe and healthy.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do our Lady Style II course in the studio, but what we can do is bring LADY STYLE to your home!

That’s the reason why I have created a private group on Facebook where we can come together on a weekly basis. It is a way to motivate each other to come together and connect to our bodies during this time of social distancing. The goal is to use dance and movement as a tool to nurture our wellbeing, self-confidence, mindset and inner GIRL Power to create a fulfilling life.

The course will be weekly on Thursday from 19:00 – 20:00.
Please make sure you can join LIVE, but if you aren’t able to make it, you can always watch it back later and do the class when it suits your schedule. PS: there is homework involved! It is encouraged to make a video of yourself after doing the steps and post it underneath the video in our group. Or send it to me privately if you don’t feel comfortable.
My greatest pleasure is to watch you succeed and enjoy the process of learning new skills. Think of me as a coach who will keep you motivated, but as a community, we will hold each other accountable to follow through! We are in this together as a group and your participation is required. In this group, we cheer for each other and support each other go to grow! It’s a GIRL POWER community.
Please remember that we are all in this together, I will give my all. All you have to do is show up and we will create magic together.

Lady Style II
Speciaal voor de ambitieuze dames die hun Lady Style avontuur willen voortzetten.

– Unleash your inner Venus!

Deze LADY STYLE cursus duurt 10 weken. Wekelijks op donderdag van 19:00 – 20:15

Start datum: 16.04.2019

Lady Style II : Dit is voor dames die het beginners niveau hebben afgerond.  Je hebt ervaring met de basis bewegingen en wilt naar de volgende stap.

In deze cursus leer je over balans, houding, gewichtsverplaatsing, spinnen, voetenwerk, arm-styling, bodymovement en coördinatie.

Let’s do this! Have fun and make friendships for life.




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