I dance and I DREAM

Following your DREAMS

The pursuit of my dreams have always been a huge influence on my life and who I am as a person. I believe there are many reasons why I am able to dance and perform professionally along with run, manage and teach in my very own business which I have built up over the years. These reasons are all true from being extremely blessed with the support from my family, friends and students, to hard work paying off, dedication and perseverance and have assisted me in achieving my goals thus far in my career.

The world we live in today is for the most part run by what people feel they can get out any given situation. We see it all around us, every single day, 24/7, that a wanting mentality far out weighs a giving mentality. It is by no means to be negative, but only realistic. One thing is certain and that is that we all only have one life. One life to make as much of a success for ourselves and others as possible.

Dreaming for something better has been a fundamental characteristic that we humans share in order to progress and better our lives as well as the lives of others. No matter where we all are in our lives at this moment in time, no matter what obstacles or mountains we may be facing, we all in some way or another, dream for something better and hope to overcome our difficulties and challenges.

Our dreams, no matter how big they may seem, are always achievable and within our grasp. The trick is not let the size of any dream discourage you from trying and to break them down into manageable and realistic steps and milestones which will encourage momentum and positive thinking.

As a dancer, I am consistently dreaming, pursuing and hoping that the best is yet to come along with an action plan, steps and hard work necessary in order to realize my dreams. It is important to know that a dream by itself can never be realized if you do not take the steps needed or put in the time to achieve whatever it is you are after. Dancing and dreaming go well together because you are always pushing your skills and learning how to reach the next level.

Owning a business and dreaming also go well together if the business you are involved with is something you are passionate about and want to see succeed. I am constantly learning new skills in leadership, marketing, administration and management in order to help my dancing school thrive and run smoothly as well as to offer my students the very best of my expertise so that they can too better themselves.

People also play an important role in our lives when it comes to dreaming. We all have family and friends as well as colleagues who want to see us succeed and achieve what we set out to do. These people who believe in us help fuel the desire to not fail and to pick ourselves up when we may do so. I am sure we have all experienced what it is like when we are tying to achieve a big dream and hurdle after hurdle keeps coming up. Support is sometimes what keeps us going, keeping our heads up and our hearts strong.

Positive thinking is extremely important when hoping and dreaming for bigger and better things. It is the difference between the journey of achievement being bearable and unbearable. When it comes to my dancing, and my dancing school business, I want what any dedicated performer and entrepreneur wants, to succeed and be the best that I can be. When relying on people to help make dreams happen, you can’t let the naysayers and critics get to you. Have tunnel vision focus in realizing your dreams with the action plans you have put in place.

Living a happy and fulfilled life however, does come down to one word, and that is balance. No matter how badly I want to reach the next level in my performing and business, I have to keep a cool and calm mindset that there are so many factors interwoven in my life that I need to give attention to. Pursuing your dreams should drive you to get out of bed in the morning and to close your eyes with a thankful heart and a smile on your face, but it should never consume you and take away your nature, throwing your life’s balance out.

I dance and I dream. I succeed and I fail. I fall and I pick myself up. I don’t let any failure define me as a failure, but as a lesson learnt. If something doesn’t work out in a particular way, there are always other choices and paths to get to where you want to go. Not giving up and staying true to what you set out to do will put you miles ahead as a first step.

So here’s the deal: Never give up on your dreams. Pursue them with everything you have. Only you will know if you gave it your all and only you will answer to your successes and failures. Life is good. Enjoy the process of success. It takes time and doesn’t happen over night, but everyday moving one step closer will eventually bring you to the end of your rainbow. Never stop dreaming especially when you do start achieving them. Always be open to grow and take each positive experience as a victory and each negative one as a learning curve.

My next big dream I have set out to achieve is owning my very own studio which I can plant my dancing school and brand in. A place where artists and students can come together to create beautiful pieces of art which can stand the test of time and be forever printed in the hearts and minds of the audiences who cheer them on. I will do whatever it takes to achieve this. Fundraisers, performances, courses, and share who I am with the world to prove that each and every aspiring artist can achieve the sky’s limit and more with the help of hard work as well as the communities we are all apart of.

Watch this space, get involved and help me achieve this dream. Let’s create the community we have all been waiting to be a part of!

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Thank you for reading my blog!

<3 Joyce



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