The creation of “Shades of Wonderland”

I had previously created choreographies using different tracks of the artist and had the feeling of Wonderland with this specific track which inspired me to follow. As Alice wondered around, she was told that any road would do if she was not sure about which road to follow. The show focusses on these different roads which represent the many different dance styles and disciplines rather than the literal representation of Alice in Wonderland. I drew inspiration from that meaning and not from the actual story.

I wanted to create a performance which broke free from the expected norm audiences had seen so many times over. I carefully chose the music with this in mind, always thinking about how I could create something unique and truly expressive, a real fusion of salsa on2, jazz and contemporary. The two prior choreographies were based on what audiences were used to and what their expectations were for a great performance. With Shades of Wonderland, I wanted to express myself, in a way which was not yet seen. I focussed on my own style and wanted the performance to represent this which I believe is a fusion of styles, never adhering to any conformity or conservative views on what should and shouldn’t be allowed. The La Diferencia team and I had been creating and performing with these values for quite some time, perfecting and tweaking the formula and so I wanted to bring some of that flair and experience over to my Feminine Difference team.

I am an artist and feel that dancing is my expression of art. I have never wanted to box it up and put rules and regulations on my creative process as it will have an effect on the finished performance. The Feminine Difference team have been working very hard to take audiences on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, learning and deciding which paths we will walk among the many lay before us. Fully created and realized from the ground up, the show is bold and unique, daring to break through the norm. The realization of past decisions and dealing with moving forward with a powerful and confident attitude without regret or resentment is the foundation of what the show means. As Alice in Wonderland struggled with confusion regarding which road to take, the show leaves the dance floor proving that if we do not know where we want to go, any road will do as it is either black or white while however there are an infinity of shades in between these two which pose a not so simple answer to a simple question.

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