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Who, what, where, why, how DANCING inspires me:

As the new Lady Style season for 2015 quickly approaches us, I wanted to take the time to write about the very near and dear reasons I do what I do which is hope to inspire other ladies through my inspiration of dancing. I have experienced many amazing moments in my life with dancing being so meaningful, it has shaped me into the dancer I am today. Here is the Who, What, Where, Why and How DANCING has inspired me.

When I think about the people who have inspired me and pushed me to dance and to be better at it, there are many who come to mind, but the ones who inspire me to do what I do today are the ladies who are a part of my Lady Style classes and Feminine Difference as well as La Differncia teams – who continue to support me pursuing my passion as my full time career and who show limitless amounts of dedication and commitment to share in that passion. I think of my family and friends who are always there cheering me on and rooting for me to succeed – whether it be supporting me at my shows and performances or giving me simple words of encouragement, I use this as my fuel to go for it and to make it happen. There have also been many fellow female salsa dancers I look up to who inspire me to always keep learning and pushing for the next level. These dancers are Natalia Lopez Toledano, Jessica Quiles Hernandez and Karel Flores. These ladies are at the pinnacle of dancing in my eyes, and continue to inspire ladies all around the world with their own unique style.

Dancing is an extremely vast form of creativity and expression with many styles and sub genres. Although I can appreciate and enjoy each and every one of these, I fell in love with Salsa many years ago and it stuck with me the same way I stuck to it. There are several aspects of salsa dancing I absolutely love which inspire me to dance. It all starts with the music – the beat of the drums and the rhythm of the strings and trumpets creates electricity within me needing to be released in the form footwork and arm styling. The difference between the fast paced quickness and precision slowness relationship between the music and movements has always been appealing to me. I am an avid fashion follower and am inspired by this aspect of salsa dancing too – from the extravagance of costumes to the colours and representation of style as well as the confidence to try new and bold looks. The people inspire me and the way they show their own uniqueness within the community of dancing. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what your background is – everyone is one.

The beauty about dancing in any style or form is that it is an universal language. We may all come from different places in the world, but we all understand the movement of the body in the form of dance and the enjoyment thereof. I am personally inspired when I am introduced to new cultures through dancing such as going to the theatre to see different dance companies from all around the world perform, YouTube and the internet expose me to many different styles of dancing, artists, tutorials and blogs which broaden my knowledge and skills on a daily basis. The studio where I teach my students as well as take classes is a very special place to me – it has always been there for me during the good times and the bad, and I owe a great deal of my inspiration to this place of learning.

Travelling is inspiring in general as it teaches you about yourself as well as the different people you meet. My dancing has seen me travel to many locations around the world – New York and Broadway being one of them which inspired me to be as good as the best in the world to pursue and master my craft.

Why do I do it you may wonder and ask? I find my personal identity in dancing. It is not a part of my life, it is my life. I find the connection between myself and others – Relating to the world in the form of movement. Dancing keeps me healthy and of sound mind, body and soul, it calms and relaxes me from the stresses of everyday life which can be a huge life saver on the tough days and it promotes creativity within me to express myself to the world. I love it and I live it, each and every day from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them and every moment in between. Finding balance is important too as life is not one dimensional.

Lastly, I feel that when I am dancing, I am truly in the moment and in the now. There is no time to think about what I did yesterday or what I still need to do tomorrow. It transports me completely to a place of living life to the fullest, giving everything of myself to the moment and achieving the confidence, kindness, boldness and humility to be a better person in the world. I feel alive and in a state of playfulness and joy – Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to its fullest potential, dancing inspires me to do this and to share my passion with others.

The ALL NEW JSX Lady Style class kicks off on the 9th of March, I hope to keeo ispiering ladies to be the best of their potential and enjoy every second in class with me. I hope to see YOU there when you are ready!.. ARE YOU READY?!

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