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I remember the day I arrived in The Netherlands after a long, confusing and tiring flight from Brazil. It was definitely a strange new place which I knew very little about and remember how cold it was in comparrision to my previous sunny home. Before making the trip to Amsterdam, I had never been outside of Brazil and this was my first experience travelling abroad.

I wouldn’t say the travel bug had bitten me from that very first trip as I was more scared of being out of my comfort zone, not knowing the local language and having to adapt to a new way of life. Throughout my dancing career, I have been enormously blessed and have visited many different countries and met many interesting new people.

The travelling part of dancing only reared itself well into my many years of rehearsing and improving my skills. I had to learn how to properly perform in front of audiences in my local city and the surrounding areas before I could spread my wings and do so internationally. Living in Europe definitely opens up the doorway to travelling to other countries with more ease and convenience. A quick 2 hour journey from Amsterdam in most directions will lead you to another country.

Once I began travelling abroad to teach and perform, the world opened up where I could truly share my passion of dance with other like minded people within the community to inspire and push each other to the next level. As a professional perfoming artist, it is both exciting and humbling at the same time to be able to travel internationally.

It helps you realize that years of hard work in the studio and on stage is noticed by organizers of events who may have never met you, but have heard or have seen a video of a performance you have been involved in. Being offered to perform internationally truly makes me proud to be who I am and what I devote so much of my time to.

I really enjoy the trips abroad as it is a new adventure everytime meeting fellow dancers and performing next to the famous stars of the dancing scene. There is an exciting energy where everyone is ready to do a great job and have a great time. The hospitality of the organizers who go out of their way to make us feel comfortable and safe is greatly appreciated by all and adds to an overall pleasant journey.

Arriving in a new country can sometimes be intimidating as you may not know their culture, but whether travelling alone or within a group of fellow dancers, everyone is open minded to things being different than at home. It is always a great experience to network internationally and to build lasting friendships that potentially open new opporunities to me as a dancer and as a person.

My life’s passion is to dance, teach and perform for audiences all around the world. Travelling to different countries is an added bonus which allows me to learn from and share this passion with fellow dancers which exposes me to the movers and shakers of the scene and what standard I need to better myself and keep up with their ever growing skills. I also enjoy reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Performing in another country has an added factor of upping your game as there is the pressure of rubbing shoulders with the best of the best. I give it everything I’ve got and really hope to show the people watching and cheering me on a performance they won’t easily forget. Seeing all the smiling faces interested in a choreography you have created fills you with appreiation as well as insecurity as you are not sure if they will receive it as you intended, but you make sure you always give your best.

Making a living from your passion being able to travel the world is something very few of us get to do in our lives. I am extremely grateful to those who have believed in me and my work and can’t wait to see you all at the next edition of your event. JSX Style is sure to be there rocking the dance floor and giving the very best making sure everyone has the best time.

<3 JSX

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