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The year of 2015 has seen JSX Style grow from strength to strength with many unique and exciting projects audiences have seen and have yet to see. There has never been a better time to be a part of the Salsa scene in the Netherlands than right now as many artists and teams are in full swing with their new shows for all to see and enjoy.

JSX Style has been no different and has seen Joyce Silva Xavier take full advantage of the boom in the community to create, share and collaborate with not only her own Feminine Difference dance team’s “Shades of Wonderland” performance, which has wowed Salsa event goers at many parties and festivals, but also fellow internationally acclaimed artists who share Joyce’s passion for sharing, learning and lifting each other up to the best possible standard they can be.

Recent collaborations with both local and international artists such as the Mayarí Dance Experience’s Tim Alberto, who guest appeared in her “Shades of Wonderland” choreography along with Linda Provenza from Milan, Italy at the Dutch Finest Weekend which was a massive success for Joyce and her Feminine Difference team.

The past year has also seen the partnership of Joyce and José Aguilar from Mexico thrive and explode onto European dance floors with their co-created performance and has received much praise and many standing ovations for their originality and fusion of two different styles into one awe inspiring show.

JSX Style has been on a mission! A mission lead by Joyce to see the Salsa dancing scene in the Netherlands come together and show the world the collaborative efforts of the many talented professional dancers who dedicate countless hours and creativity into world class events, workshops and performances.

The mission is simple. Collaborate ideas, unify talents and create unique experiences audiences have not yet seen, breaking down the old rules which segregate what is and what isn’t allowed. Dance is a form of art and will have the right to be expressed in whatever way the passion leads it for something fresh, new and exciting to be shared with each other.

Joyce has taken up the sword of unfiltered inspiration and expression to give her passion for the salsa dancing scene a voice along with the shield of confidence and boldness to not be swayed by the naysayers when they have their say and creates, inspires and dances her way into battle, together with her fellow artists for an experience unlike any other before it.

One of the greatest gifts we can share with each other is our talents. For her, the purpose of life is to find your passion and the meaning of life is to give it away. Apart from our furry kitty cat friends, we all have one life. It is not possible to experience it all by ourselves, but together we can collaborate and share our thoughts and passions, so that we may all benefit from each others greatest triumphs.

Dancing is a wonderful art worth sharing with each other in a world where we are so isolated by technology. It aims to reconnect us with ourselves and each other in a way words cannot describe. Joyce revels in this feeling and wants as many people she comes across to feel the pure joy of emotion when fully in the moment of dancing and feeling the rhythm of the music electrify your soul.

A community feeling is what makes any hobby or activity worth pursuing. The idea that complete strangers who all have different skills and talents in different areas and styles can come together to share and learn and build each other up is a positive, open minded experience and should be protected by all who believe the same. The future of the Salsa dancing scene in the Netherlands is looking bright and the era of collaboration has already begun.

Joyce’s next projects are already in motion and will be sure to continue to push the boundaries of expectation and break down the comfort zone we may find ourselves in. A keen set of eyes and ears firm to the ground will ensure you don’t miss anything coming out of the JSX Style camp over the coming months.



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